Consecutive Semesters Fiji Has Placed in the Top 15 of All 41 Fraternities on Campus

At Purdue University, the Lambda Iota Fijis have finished in the top 15 out of all 41 fraternities on campus for the past 40 consecutive semesters. Throughout this prosperous juncture, Lambda Iota has eclipsed the all-campus average each semester, and we are continuously striving to improve. Our goal is to claim first place on campus in the very near future.

In order to foster an environment that is conducive to such academic achievement, our chapter house provides many valuable resources for our brothers to take advantage of:

  • Quiet study room equipped with 4 Dell computers with access to Purdue networks, email, and internet
  • High speed ethernet connections
  • State of the art communication center
  • Wireless internet access throughout the entire house
  • Extensive filing system of course material
  • On-campus study tables five nights per week
  • Peer tutoring – brothers from almost every major at Purdue willing and eager to help each other with academic challenges
  • Monthly touch points with scholarship chair to see how things are going and provide aid when necessary